21 févr. 2021
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FightHype.com was on hand in Las Vegas, Nevada where super featherweight Oscar Valdez knocked former champion Miguel Berchelt out cold in the 10th round to capture the WBC title. You don't want to miss what all the participants from the card had to say immediately after the fights during the post-fight coverage. Check it out!

  • We didn’t like it... we luv it!! Awesome performance ✅

    Gregory PaulinoGregory PaulinoIl y a 11 jours
  • 👌🏻💯🇲🇽

    Harry BaldwinHarry BaldwinIl y a 11 jours
  • That was a knockout of epic proportions. Oscar beat a damn good fighter there. Dominated him & fought a very intelligent fight. A beautiful performance.

    Wayne GrantWayne GrantIl y a 11 jours
  • I like these young hot lions who are going for it all.. teo.. valdez..tht other young bull at 168.. them other cats like haney..garcia.. tank.. wanna fight c level comp and build there rcors up like the last class which was thurman..garcia.. etc.. and we see what happen to them. There old news.. prips to these young hungry 🦁!

    J willbhereforuJ willbhereforuIl y a 12 jours
  • I wanna see flores jr vs shakur the winner gets valdez

    Jesus FernandezJesus FernandezIl y a 12 jours
  • Shout out my guy Valdez, What a performance! Thanks for winning me $700+ dollars 🥳

    Perrito wow wowPerrito wow wowIl y a 12 jours
  • Nigga sounds like Cuban Link

    JohnnyJohnnyIl y a 12 jours
  • Congrats to Oscar on the big win, what a knockout! Wouldn't mind seeing him fight Stevenson or the winner of Herring vs Frampton next.

    LR266LR266Il y a 13 jours
    • @Tim sounds too perfect to actually happen smh.

      MrMikelew2929MrMikelew2929Il y a 10 jours
    • Shakur take herring winner then make this bout in Dec Gives oscar time for a title defense then a unification man revenue

      TimTimIl y a 13 jours
  • 🥊🥊🥊

    Reptile LifestyleReptile LifestyleIl y a 13 jours
  • *Oscar Valdez vs Shakur Stevenson is the fight to make next* 🥊🥊💥

    Armani Rivera-FrazierArmani Rivera-FrazierIl y a 13 jours
    • Not yet shalur needs to claim that herring belt then its on 1000%

      TimTimIl y a 13 jours
    • @Chris Flores fanboys like you is ruining the sport

      FACTS 1STFACTS 1STIl y a 13 jours
    • I bet u would like to see that next but u need to earn and take risks to get it

      Chris FloresChris FloresIl y a 13 jours
  • With a new trainer for Valdez, I think Shakur thinking twice now. We Mexicans are coming for you Shakur, you talked too much, let's see if you take the fight now.

    GH SenseGH SenseIl y a 13 jours
    • Armani Rivera-Frazier I highly doubt Valdez ducked Shakur. Valdez ain’t ducking anyone. That man has a highly decorated amateur background and a very solid pro record. It’s just business. The dollars need to add up. It’s not ducking bro, it’s knowing your value and what you’re worth for that big of a fight. Don’t settle for 100’s of thousands when you can make 10 million for the same fight in a year or two.

      a1wrekza1wrekzIl y a 12 jours
    • @Baltimore Murderland that doesnt mean he ducked, he was already planning on moving up plus he said if shakur wants it it's on

      Blanca OlivarezBlanca OlivarezIl y a 13 jours
    • @Blanca Olivarez he ducked him at 126 bruh go do ur research! He had won The Wbo at 126 as soon as shakur became his mandatory he vacated and moved to 130! Now he has kno choice bob arum promised shakur the fight outta whichever one won! Plus Valdez did actually call him out now last night after he won! Look g I’m not a Valdez hater I like Valdez I’m just stating the facts of past events!

      Baltimore MurderlandBaltimore MurderlandIl y a 13 jours
    • @Baltimore Murderland how tf? If oscar said already he would fight him

      Blanca OlivarezBlanca OlivarezIl y a 13 jours
    • It’s already proving he ducking shakur for sure!

      Baltimore MurderlandBaltimore MurderlandIl y a 13 jours
  • Shout out to Steve the crocodile man 🐊

    Delano SantiagoDelano SantiagoIl y a 13 jours
  • I said he would win i watched berchelt fight and I've seen lots of valdez fights I know he would win i just didn't know it would be like this good for him

  • Is it just me or does anyone thinks Berchelt looks like a miniature version of Mayorga AHAHAHA

    JooorgeJooorgeIl y a 13 jours
    • Yea very similar

      Solo KingSolo KingIl y a 12 jours
    • I saw it too bro lol

      Gerardo SantosGerardo SantosIl y a 13 jours
    • I see it, Berchelt is a warrior, went out valiantly.

      Delano SantiagoDelano SantiagoIl y a 13 jours
  • I won $150 off ur performance ... congratulations on a big win ..nobody picked u to win but I seen it from round 1 .. AND THE NEW!!!!!!

    Tony NachoTony NachoIl y a 13 jours
    • @jo ice next time bro lol i was just bullshittin off this sporting app and better $50

    • @RUDEBOYSHOTTAZ510 lol y’all shoulda betted in casinos. Betting 50$ could’ve gotten u 100$ back

      jo icejo iceIl y a 13 jours
    • same here, i bet $50 to win that 💯

    • Oscar always been a dog nothing new good shit

      king AmorDeReyking AmorDeReyIl y a 13 jours
  • Teo, Canelo and Oscar are the true warriors of Boxing. All them Cherry pickers like Davis and them are hanging their heads in shame right now.

    GalactusGalactusIl y a 13 jours
    • @Canelo Alvaroid Lol you answered my question without actually answering it 😂 Cased closed.

      Armani Rivera-FrazierArmani Rivera-FrazierIl y a 13 jours
    • @Armani Rivera-Frazier question why don’t Demetrius Andrade have 1 good name on his resume and let’s not talk about the amount of fights he ducked

      Canelo AlvaroidCanelo AlvaroidIl y a 13 jours
    • @Canelo Alvaroid Question when Canelo had 3 belts at 160 and he said his main goal was to be undisputed and Andrade had the final belt, what happened???? Why didn’t he stick to his word 🤔

      Armani Rivera-FrazierArmani Rivera-FrazierIl y a 13 jours
    • The ducks are Caleb pant jermall charlo stank Davis Devin I’m dreaming Haney and Demetrius boo boo resume Andrade

      Canelo AlvaroidCanelo AlvaroidIl y a 13 jours
    • Also respects to Teofimo for beating Loma and Commey but it looks like he’s ducking actual undisputed. Teofimo is the disputed 135 champ at the moment. Looks like he’s been having different energy when it comes to Devin Haney

      Armani Rivera-FrazierArmani Rivera-FrazierIl y a 13 jours
  • You Stamped yourself in the history books tonight sir!

    GuiltysimpsonboxingGuiltysimpsonboxingIl y a 13 jours